Sunday, 23 April 2017

Writers to Watch - A Writer's Choice #3 Kings of the Wyld

There have been a good number of processes chewing away at my time over the last few months and that's why I haven't been spending any time here. As it looks like we are in one of those endless cycles of adjustment, I'm removing some of my attention from events and thought I would post something here.

May you live in interesting times, I'm sure you know, is often quoted as a curse from ancient China. Could be true, wouldn't be surprised. Certainly, times are interesting in many areas. Still, I'm not going to get into politics here - mainly because it would mean an endless series of clarifications of my actual position. Instead I'm just going to post a couple of links and comments.

Kings of The Wyld

I only read the look in side - so far - but I trust my own judgement enough to recommend this from that alone. Nicholas Eames absolutely nails it, I'd bet cash that the progression of this book and the conclusion will make the purchase price seem like a gift. Go read the look inside and see if you think I'm wrong - I bet you will be hooked. I have it on my wish list and will take the time to read it later. It might be that you beat me to it and come back to let me know what you think. I'm betting it's every bit as cool as I think it is.


And then there is this. I recently stumbled across the work of Jordan B Peterson... and I have been absorbing his vast number of lectures and one book (Maps of Meaning) as fast as I can handle. You may think I am over stating the case when I say that I think this is literally the most important body of work ever produced. I am not. I seriously think that this body of work represents a turning point in human history and will hopefully one day be acknowledged as that.

It really doesn't matter where you start, it kind of depends on what you are most interested in as the body of work is a synthesis of many fields: biology, brain evolution, sociology, psychology, philosophy and so on - It's like a Grand Unified theory of Everything for humanity and human society. There is nothing I was ever going to say about anything that isn't effortlessly incorporated into this work, kind of making me entirely redundant - and I don't mind a bit. Go watch some, and if this video doesn't grab you just flick through his other uploaded videos until something does.

You will not regret spending the time.

I'll post more and discuss this more as time goes by, but for now here's one link and I'll let him speak for himself...

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