Tuesday, 29 June 2021

What are you, some kind of Gravity Denier? (A Story)


It is a story. I understand story fairly well, though it took me a while to understand what kind of story it was. It is a victim narrative; we have a victim, a victimiser and a hero, and the story goes like this:

I am Gaia, the victim; I have no power and no agency and I am being attacked by evil Civilization and too many people.

White Knight duly steps forward and responds: Don't worry Gaia, I will save you.

White Knight feels fully justified in attacking civilization, because in his own mind he is the hero defending helpless Gaia. Who wouldn't want to save the world - what a hero.

But how will he destroy civilization and save Gaia? Well, he can't destroy Civilization all on his own so he needs a plan to con people into destroying the very civilization that keeps them alive, healthy, and improves quality of life everywhere it exists. He looks around for a narrative that will serve and is conveniently offered a script as follows.

Civilization produces C02 as a byproduct and that's bad. Well, so do lots of other things, but that's not important, that's good natural C02 not bad Man Made C02 - nor is it important that it's plant food and makes healthy robust plants that produce oxygen that we breath in and breath out 23,000ppm of C02 with every breath. The number of things that are deemed by White Knight to be unimportant about C02 is legion;

Warm the surface of the oceans and they out-gas C02, so increased Atmospheric C02 is a consequence of warmed ocean surfaces (an obvious lie paints that back to front but few notice). This is chemistry and puts the lie to the C02 causes warming narrative, but he doesn't care about that.

In the geological record the peak C02 was 7000ppm, the minimum was 180ppm, at 150ppm most plants die, dropping oxygen levels so that animals also die, including us, but he doesn't care about that.

Some people bought the con and began to reduce C02 emissions, reduce the reliability of electricity and dismantle civilization that supports them.

All the things that had been done were negated by a volcanic eruption in Iceland, but he doesn't care about that. Bringing down civilization is the point.

Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about? Maurice Strong

When anyone one points out any of this, White Knight feels fully justified and branding them as bad people, giving them the label of Climate Change Denier, getting them sacked from their work (especially in the msm), silencing them on social media, calling for them to be tattooed (Surely it’s time for climate-change deniers to have their opinions forcibly tattooed on their bodies. - Richard Glover), and having a hose pipe run from the exhaust of their care and rammed down their throat so they are gassed (Arnold Schwarzenegger, I would link to the vid' but can't find it now and time is limited). 

Sound familiar? Tattooed them. Gas them. Yeah, thought you'd spot it. The White Knight self-justifies anything to be the hero and rescue helpless victim Gaia.  

So we have Victim/Gaia, Villain/Us and Civilization. 'Hero'/White Knight. A classic, manipulative victim narrative.

But, hang on a moment. The Earth can't talk. Its a bunch of geology and chemistry and minerals and thermal activity. It can't care about anything. Here for billions of years, it will be here for billions more. It would be indifferent to Civilization if it were capable of having any opinion at all. It was once hit by an object so large that it turned the whole thing molten hot rock and threw of a great chunk that became the moon. It didn't care, because it is an it, not a she. It has nothing to care with.

Gaia is a ventriloquists dummy. So who's the ventriloquist, Toto?

Toto the dog duly pulls back the curtain and we see The Wizard of Oz.

The WOO isn't great and powerful, but a weak, stupid little man who has figured out a way to trick people into giving him power he hasn't earned and doesn't deserve.

Biology is a science. Chemistry is a science. Physics is a science, and lots of other subjects are science. But Climate isn't a science, as little of the theory is subject to meaningful experiment and where it is the results are fudged, the failed predictions ignored, obscured and lied about by the WOO pushing his story. It's a made up pseudo-science. The idea came out of the humanities department of universities; that is matter of historical record. It is Junk science, Scientism, a cult dressed up as science. They literally cannot push their beliefs without lying, as has been proven many many times and openly planned among themselves. They are proven liars.

Now who do we now who push a philosophy, want unearned power and will happily lie to get it?

Tony Blair, the same who lied about weapons of mass destruction and took the UK into an illegal and unjustifiable war, recently said “We have people embedded in every Government on the planet.”

Embedded? Like covert operatives? Who's we?

Someone else said, “We are in a global conflict between those who want to control people and those who want to control only themselves.” Two sides of a conflict. Real. Everywhere. Now.

I probably don't need to lead anyone to the conclusion of what the WOOs are. The evidence is everywhere. The Conservative Government of my own country are acting like dictators and have torn up and thrown away the freedoms our ancestors fought for over centuries, being Magna Carta, The Rights of Englishmen, freedom of association, freedom to travel, the right to trial by your peers – a £10,000 and 10 Years (that figure will ring a bell with some – A Tenner), all while the inglorious leaders act as expected, as they had no intention whatsoever of doing what they make you do. The point is to make you do things. Power is only manifest when it is power over people. The stupider and more pointless the things they make you do the better, so they nudge each other and can point and laugh and say, “Look, look what I made them do! That's hilarious,” and the message to the people is clear, “Look what we can do to you any time we damn well please.”

Anything that disrupts society is good for them. Economic damage is beneficial to them. But the best trick ever was and is to trick and con you into dismantling the infrastructure of the civilization that keeps you alive.

It's a story. A victim narrative. But the truth is that the victim is you, the victimiser is the WOO, and the heroes are the ones branded climate change deniers.

Anyone who calls you a gravity denier is using obvious rhetoric. Use good rhetoric back, because these people can't use logic, you have to talk their emotion based language.

What are you, some kind of Gravity Denier? (A Story)

I saw the man walking around town with a parachute on his back. I asked him why.

“What are you, some kind of Gravity Denier?!” He snapped, aggressively.

“Well, no. But that's not relevant is it? The strong electromagnetic force makes thing solid, and gravity is a factor.” He looked triumphant. “But the most relevant factor is altitude. And you are walking on the the ground, dude.”

His mouth worked a bit but no sound came out. (Cognitive dissonance is a wonderful thing to see). He didn't say a word, just walked away looking puzzled.

Next time I saw he him he wasn't wearing a parachute. So that's something.

Friday, 29 January 2021

Gamestop Morale Boost

I haven't laughed hard enough to get the aching of the ribs for a while, so this is all very welcome.

In essence, if you've been missing this, hedge funds took advantage of their Government buddies 'Covid' strategy to force shops to close and shorted Gamestop, intent on breaking them and sucking up some free blood. This was noted and addressed.

The responses from the self appointed elites have been predictable. WallStreetBets Proves The System Is Rigged but not in the least bit successful.

For fun I recommend the whole thing In essence, but the following meme is priceless 1:19:20

The swamp creatures aren't even bothering to pretend to wear any kind of mask at this point. so it really isn't about the money, it really is about sending a message in response to their message.

The truth is that people can simply buy and hold a single stock make them burn their own house down.

If they can't play fair - and the elites have collectively proven that they not only will not but are psychologically incapable of it - then maybe taking their toys away is the simplest answer. It isn't that hard. They are not that smart.

Obviously, I'm not advocating that any individual pour all the assets that the self-anointed elites want to take off you anyway into a stock just to break the system the very same parasites collectively feast on.

That would be irresponsible.

Saturday, 16 January 2021

The Message Is Clear

Agree, approve, accept, capitulate, repeat the approved message or we will make you invisible.

In competition with Twitter? This site cannot be reached however, there is Gab as an alternative, apparently not set up to fail (or perhaps to be a honey pot designed to trap dissenters to the narrative?). Gab currently has infrastructure problems related only to the vast and sudden influx of new users. (I can't imagine why that's happening.) Give them time to catch up to new demand.

Removed from YT but available to those who go looking.

You can't stop the signal, Mal. You can never stop the signal.

It has been known for a good long time now that the msm is controlled by a very small number of corporations with significantly aligned agendas.

Of course there will be some material on alternative sites that express ideas you don't approve. So what? Rejecting ideas is within the purview of the individual.

Finding newsworthy stories that are not in the news is surprisingly easy but does take a little effort.

As many have pointed out, there are those who took 1984 to be an instruction manual rather than a warning. Unsurprisingly, they are fairly easy to detect by approx half a given population base. Surprisingly, the other half of any given population base seem incapable of grasping that they are backing the bad guys, that they therefore are the bad guys, no matter how obvious it becomes.

The core problems are evident all through the western world, throughout the whole world. One message, one narrative, no dissenting opinion permitted. That there is no dissent permitted is the prime reason opposition builds.

We are a self organizing species by nature, building hierarchical structures from the many up to the few; the few then develop the delusion that we are a species organized from the top down, a point of view appealing to those who want to control other people and insufficiently resisted by those who want to control only themselves. In part, this may account for the cyclical nature of the rise and fall of civilizations.

In general, things go on until the cannot any longer. Then they stop.

Monday, 11 January 2021

Extreme Panic Ensues

It's perfectly normal to panic when you win legitimately, it seems. A handful of days remain of President Trumps first term, yet the 'winners' are desperate to turn a few days into zero days. Now, why would they feel the need to do that? 

I offer the following in no particular order.


Sensible of Tony Heller to use YT for teaser vids with the main act elsewhere, but I can link to YT, so here it is, the main event is a simple enough click through.

Of course we should all stop using their platforms, and as they ban people like 'Computing Forever' who now resides on Bitshute, and hundreds, thousand of other content providers for wrongthink of one sort or another, it's perhaps still worth linking. After all, there are still those who don't yet know how controlling the bigtech companies are:

A Letter from the Nye County Chairman

"Let me be clear: Trump will be president for another four years. Biden will not be president. Yes, I know those are shocking words in these crazy days."

Not everyone submits to the narrative

The Night Of The Digital Long Knives

"Control of the Internet, which used to be a flexible network designed to automatically route information around blockages, has now fallen into the grasp of a handful of companies, all of them seemingly eager to institute a Red Chinese social credit system. Conservatives and populists have relied for too long on Section 230 to protect us from exactly the kind of hamfisted behavior that Jack Dorsey, Sundar Pichai, Jeff Bezos, and Tim Cook are engaging in right now. We have a very limited amount of time to find and use alternatives like blogs, e-mail lists, Telegram, Signal, and Gab; we must also build alternative financing structures so the wokerati running Mastercard and Visa can’t cut off the flow of funds. People used to accuse Vox Day of being paranoid when he said these things a few years ago. What’s keeping me awake nights is that Vox might not have been paranoid enough."

And many saw the purge coming

"Kirk Wiebe is not some fringe conspiracy theorist. He worked as a senior analyst at the nsa from 1975 to 2001 and was awarded the Meritorious Civilian Service Award—the nsa’s second-highest distinction. With his colleagues William Binney and Ed Loomis, Wiebe developed many software programs to find, monitor, and track terrorists worldwide. But he retired from the nsa in 2001, after uncovering a government program to illegally monitor millions of U.S. citizens’ communications. Yet while the media treated Wiebe as a hero when he exposed the Bush administration’s surveillance operations, they lost interest in him when he continued to expose the Obama administration’s unlawful surveillance operations."


"Now Wiebe has joined with retired nsa crypto-mathematician William Binney, retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, and retired Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely to expose a “deep state” plot to steal the presidency and hijack America."

MSM Oddly Not Interested

That'll do, I think, though I could share links all day long that point to the underlying reality so desperately being banned and obfuscated as we watch. Anyone who wants to know the November election was a massive fraud enacted against a sitting President and, more importantly the people, knows. Of the majority who know, roughly half know and like it, roughly half know and don't.

So why are the 'winners' so obviously panicked?

Could it be as simple as this?

1) The intelligence services, of which there are many, have always investigated everyone remotely connected to politics. The material is classified.

2) President Trump has the absolute authority to declassify anything he chooses to.

That would certainly constitute at the very least a metaphorical nuke if as is proposed by some who should certainly know, that approx 70% of Senators and Representatives are crooked to a degree that would shock everyone and rock the world.

I honestly can't think of anything else that explains five years of non-stop legal and illegal attacks, beginning before the man was even elected.

Did he say, Drain the Swamp? That's Us! Panic!


Friday, 8 January 2021

The Truth vs. The Lie

 A Tale Of Two Tapes

1) The words matter, for they are true.

2) Turn the sound off, make it full screen. Just watch the neckline interactions with the collar of the shirt.

The truth stands up to scrutiny. The lie does not. It's as simple as that.

"Congress Is A Paper Tiger"

 "The reason these people are not held accountable is there's no way to hold them accountable. Who investigates the investigator? Who prosecutes the prosecutor?" Senator Ron Johnson. 

Understanding the problems has not lead to solutions.


Until recently, Tony Heller confined his activity to the AGW climate scam, but he has belatedly grasped that everything is related.

(I'm linking to the YT site, but recommend the click through link for the reasons he states; both are fairly short and worth your time).

Maybe one day we'll be able to go back to minding our own business and being left alone to do so. Of course, the fact that we did that for decades is itself part of the problem.

Who watches the watchmen? We do. Or we don't. 

Thursday, 7 January 2021

Of Sadness & Anger

 No, I'm not going to speak of either but I will link to show the why.

This link seems most relevant to the times, considering what levels of censorship have just been reached:


I watched the tape, but don't feel like you have to. That was cold, deliberated, deliberate and utterly without justification.

RIP Ashli Babbitt

The guy with the gun in his hand... well, there are things we have to trust God to take care of because no one else possibly can.

Of all the manifold related matters, I remind myself that despair is a sin, as Jerry Pournelle used to say. Despair removes the ability to think clearly, I believe he meant.

Speaking of clarity of thought, here's something by someone who seems to have some concerning matters not entirely unrelated. I recommend it be read to the end.

When you run a business you will get audited by the government. If something your company does raises a red flag with the government, they will audit you. If there is an anomaly in your government mandated paperwork you must legally submit, it can trigger an audit. And sometimes, various agencies will just randomly audit you to make sure you are obeying all their regulations.


For the rest, time will tell. Nothing is over until it's over.