Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Invisible Hand

Well, it is a little later than I hoped, but The Invisible Hand is now 'live' on smashwords. I'll be leaving it there for a while, as I move towards getting Chris Steininger to create a cover for it. The current cover sucks, but that's becomes standard - I'm no artist or designer, that's for sure. Can't even blame the source photo's from the Dumnonii LRPG group and taken by Roy Smallpage - the source material is fine, it's just that I suck as a cover designer. And, as I'm paying Chris to make nice covers, I don't much feel inclined to pay someone else to make the pro tem covers.

I should have the cover for The Key To The Grave sometimes soon - maybe a week from now, possibly less. As soon as I have it I'll be making this, book II of The Price of Freedom, available on Amazon.

Thanks again to everyone who has bought The Last King's Amulet, particularly those who left comments - some of which literally brought a tear to the eye - and those who liked TLKA enough to seek out and buy TKTTG despite the less than beautiful cover. Every single sale means something to me, every kind comment is worth more than gold. Thanks again.


  1. Wow congrats will be purchasing soon!

  2. Thanks. Hope you have as much fun reading it as I did in the writing.