Friday, 11 November 2011

Prison of Power - Map

Well, I struggled with it mightily and was eventually defeated - only in the sense that I ran out of time to struggle on, though. Prison of Power should come with a map, and it doesn't, so here it is.

Even at this size, as big as I can make it here, it loses a little detail. I can only imagine how lacking it would be in an ebook, or the printed page for that matter. This is a detail of a larger map, which sadly loses even more when posted here, so I've left it out for now. At some point, when time and financed allow, I'll spend some time on it and somehow make it available to those who would like a copy.

The cover art issues are being dealt with and there should be no problem making The Invisible Hand available on Amazon the first week of December. It's lousy timing for me - the Christmas publishing rush from the big players tend to flood the market and TIH will be all but invisible to those who are not looking for it; but I know there are a good many readers who are waiting and prefer not to buy from other locations, so I won't delay the release - it'll be available the same day I receive the cover art.

Prison of Power is selling a few copies - not sure how I feel about that, all-in-all. I know what I think of the book, but then I'm looking at it with a  writers eye  and am perhaps judging it a little more harshly than it deserves. I know there are some great scenes and some characters I'm very fond of, but I can't help seeing what I think of as flaws in the structure. But I have released it into the wild now and what I think of it no longer counts. As I think I may have said before; until release, mine is the only opinion that counts, and after release mine is the only opinion that doesn't count.

Anything else? Well, it makes rain here and is a dimly-lit overcast day all in all; it feels to me like purpetual twilight. I could use more sun to fill my head and blow away the growing shadows. The leaves were fun to walk through for a while but are wet and sodden now, so that fun is pretty much over for another year. For someone who moves regularly, I seem to have been here an awful long time. Looks like January is the soonest I can realistically move on. January seems like a long time off from here. Sooner would be better. My feet itch all the time and nothing here seems good. It really is time to move. If I don't count this month or January then it really is only a month to wait. I can wait a month. I can do that.

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