Friday, 9 March 2012

At Last!

There are a great many things about the consequences of writing that seem to make no sense whatsoever (sales is one - they fluctuate with a will of their own (I mean I'm now selling twice as many copies in the UK as the US and that just doesn't make sense ... but that's not what's on my mind right now). One of them is reviews, or lack of them. They do seem to be a love-it hate-it thing or - in the case of TKTTG and THI, a 'damn I wish you were writing a different series' sort of thing. sorry about that, but I do know what I'm doing (or at least I think I do) and there are plenty of people telling me 'go for it' so I will.

But TPOF isn't the series I'm thinking of here. It's Prison of Power. Now, PoP has been available for three years, more or less; though - to begin with - not widely so. Still, all in all, more than two thousand copies have been bought or given away and, I can only assume read, without a single comment appearing anywhere. Until now.

I am very relieved and somewhat pleased to say that someone (thank you Sandra Gilbert) has finally taken a stand and given the book some kind of feedback. Four stars, I'm happy to say, but no review as such, which is a pity.

Well, maybe one day someone will say what they like and don;t like about it. I have my own opinions and if I had the book to do over I'd probably do it differently; but there's no sense thinking like that. If PoP gathers some support I might be moved to write the intended prequel and sequel.

There are other projects I'd like to write; and will; but right now Sumto's next step is coming along nicely and I don't plan to work on anything else until this one is finished.

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