Monday, 20 August 2012

Dangerous Delusions

Just live, Dangerous Delusions is the fourth in the Dancing with Darwin sequence. I'm already very fond of them and have many more in mind. I may have to pause and work on other projects (yes, I mean All The King's Bastards - should be ready in six weeks or so, all things being equal).

Every time I turn around I bump into another story. Another character or characters, a new situation, a new angle and development of the overall story. There are three other stories waiting and I can't wait to get them done (though I will!).

In this one I get to introduce Superheroes! I love Avalanche and Angelfire; in this story they are secondary characters but they will definitely get their own stories later.


  1. Will there be a sneak peak or excerpt before the release of "All The King's Bastards"? Would be great to get a taste of whats coming ;) Love the sumto series.

    regards Alexander

  2. Thanks, Alex. I hadn't planned to, but I guess I could be persuaded. :0)

    I'll give it some thought and maybe post a taster or two a little closer to completion.

  3. how long do we have left to wait for all the king's bastards

  4. Hi Patrick; it´s a question I´m hearing a lot. It´s partly to do with the way I work - I delete a lot, as soon as I think I´ve gone wrong and back to whee I had it right. So... I´ve written some tens of thousands of words of ATK´sBs but have only 25,000 complete (ie, known to be right and good). Good news is I think I could now complete in three weeks (plus one month for edits) if ... IF I can dinf a quiet place to write where I get left alone until I need Piza (once a day). I guess that´s not a very satisfying answer but to lie strikes as pointless. I´d love to finish the book and have the shape all in mind now - just whant to get cuddled into the story and write it.