Friday, 6 September 2013

Prison of Power

At some point today, depending on where you are, Kindleboards will run an add for Prison of Power, a novel peripherally related to The Price of Freedom sequence. Prison of Power is the first book I published as an indie, more as an experiment than anything else. It sold a few copies and that was enough encouragement to convince me to press forward.

Prison of Power follows several characters as a fairly complex political situation unfolds. Here's the full blurb:

All the powers of the world are seeking for an heir to the Crimson Throne, an heir to inherit all the powers of the long dead High King. Many have been found; none have lived. The Yhar'sharem seek a restoration; the Unbound Enchanters control kingdoms surrounding the capitol city, where lies the Crimson Throne, and kill any of the royal blood that fall into their hands.

Yissa is the concubine of Duke Castal and childhood sweetheart of Clavis, a mercenary enhanced with powerful magic designed to keep him alive no matter what. When Ormindas, a sorcerer and priest under Castal's protection, creates a functional gate through which troops can be rapidly moved, the Unbound Enchanter known as the Eyeless King perceives a threat and moves against Castal.

Regret Yhar'sharem senses an heir in the region of the first battle, but loses him again in chaos of the following rout.

Further from the field of battle, Hebron feels he can no longer wait for his master's return and sets off on a voyage of self-discovery. He can wield an ancient power but insists he is neither prophet nor angel; though cannot say what he truly is, because he does not himself know.

Abbethia, the greatest general of her age, is content with her retirement from the battlefield, but old habits are hard to break.

Grylantha stands in every camp and has a talent for mayhem - but no one knows his secret heart.

When the High King was slain his bloodline numbered in the hundreds. Ninety years later, there remains only one. One last chance for a restoration, a restoration that many fear and few desire. Unknown to himself, the last heir is caught in a Prison of Power that he quite simply cannot escape.


The world of Clavis, Abbethia, Yissa, and the others shares the same basic rules as The Price of Freedom. There is a very good reason for this, but that is something I don't think I want to go into right now. There is a follow up book planned, though Prison of Power stands well enough as a stand alone novel that I'm in no hurry to write The Crimson Throne. For now, those who enjoy the adventures of Sumto will likely enjoy this book well enough, though it is a little dark and lacks the humour that Sumto lends to his story. If you like The Black Company by Glen Cook then you will like as not enjoy Prison of Power, and that's about all I'm going to say about it for now.

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