Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Heir Reluctant – in edit

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find the right environment for work, which leads to delays. But, despite the demands of normal life (as much as I can be said to have one - see earlier posts and interviews and such), The Heir Reluctant is finished and now in edit, which is a process that can take a while in itself. I would guess that it won't see release until the new year, judging from past experience, and that no shot in the arm for December sales.

The Heir Reluctant is the working title and may yet change. The story is set in the same universe as The King's Ward – an Urban Fantasy world where fey derive their power from psi abilities, where the strongest fey can create small worlds of their own. The King's Ward focused on Albion, and The Heir Reluctant takes a look at Nifflheim, with a couple of other worlds visited along the way. Nifflheim has passed through Ragnarok and is slowly dying in an extended period of Fimbulwinter - I'm taking liberties with the mythological sequence of events, and many other things; the fey, after all, are not exactly mythological beings.

In Other News

The audio book of Evolving Environment is now available to buy in all the usual places. It has taken a good while to find a narrator that I'm happy with. Matt Franklin did a good job and the result is attracting some attention, which is good.

The Last King's Amulet is the next project we are working on together and the release for that audio book is looking for for early next year. I know a few people have been waiting for this and I'm glad to be able to report that progress is being made.

The less good news is that the next Sumto book is not progressing as fast as we would all like. It will happen, though. Right now I'm still writing a few thousand words and then deleting; at some point I will write the correct few thousand words and the story will work – at which point, with luck, the story will fly.

Break Time

It's the holiday season, and I'm spending it in the normal way. Not much work will be done until the new year. Probably. Unless I'm possessed by a muse or something.

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