Tuesday, 17 November 2015

APOCALYPTIC FEARS Collected Bestsellers


Volume I

Collected Bestsellers:

A Multi-Author Box Set

Dear Reader:

You’re looking at the first page of a lot of good stuff: over a million words, around three thousand screen pages of fiction, by fourteen talented independent or small-publisher authors. The stories range from straightforward apocalyptic adventure about the chaos after a nuclear war through twisted dystopian societies, zombie attacks, westerns, modern fantasies and cities full of plagues. In fact, along with its companion volume, Apocalyptic Fears II, there isn’t much in the genre that isn’t covered.
Some works are violent, others “merely” psychologically disturbing. You’ll find some sex and rough language in a number of them, while others you could read to your children – if you dared. Some are written in British-style English, some in American. Each author has his or her own style, so I hope you take the books as they stand. If you don’t like one, move on to the next, secure in the knowledge that you’re still getting great value for your dollar, your euro, or your pound sterling. The beauty of this buffet of fiction is that there’s something for everyone, and I sincerely hope you’ll discover at least one new favorite author here.

Cheers, and happy reading!
David VanDyke, Editor and Author

Apocalyptic Fears is a bit of a bargain, as David says in the above intro. Released this week (November 2015) at $2.99 and including my own Dancing with Darwin stories - Evolving Environment, Rapture Ready, Headed Home, and Dangerous Delusions. There are more of these stories to come, and I love working on them; who wouldn't like to write stories set in a world were everyone abruptly develops some form of Mental Disorder, leading to the sudden  and catastrophic collapse of civilization... and where what seem to be monsters appear, seemingly from nowhere.

In any case, even if you have read the Dancing with Darwin stories, I still recommend this box set to you. There are lots of good things in here. Have fun.

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