Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Wisconsin Wendigo, a Dancing with Darwin novella

The world ends not with a bang, or a whimper, but a wild crazy howl of insanity as a seeming virus spreads like wildfire and promotes mental disorders among the populace at large. The world goes crazy, descends into an anarchy of insanity, and civilization collapses. In the wake of this, seeming monsters appear... how? what are they? and from where? Avalanche and Angelfire believe themselves to be superheroes, and seek answers...

Wisconsin Wendigo Retail Links

The first four Dancing with Darwin stories are available individually, collected or for best value as part of the Apocalyptic Fears anthology.

If you are unfamiliar with Dancing with Darwin, maybe this review from Science Fiction Lit' will shed some light: Here’s the basic idea: some individual or organisation has developed and released a virus that brings on a permanent psychosis, a mental disorder, different for everyone but definitely 100% contagious. That’s right, over a fairly short period of time, everyone goes crazy. Everyone!

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