Thursday, 27 April 2017

Everything You Do Matters - Jordan B Peterson

Jordan B. Peterson has rendered my own humble and developing body of work unnecessary, which is a relief in a way - though I will doubtless continue Sumto's story as he continues to stumble his way forward toward some understanding of value. This video could be considered to contain spoilers, but I recommend it anyway - partly because i have no way of knowing at this point if Sumto will succeed and so knowing the goal I have in mind isn't so much of a spoiler after all.

This is also the goal I have for myself, of course, and a goal that I suggest might be a worthy one for everyone.

There's a section in here that I think may be important. We all have something in common, which is a rare thing to see and so worth noting. Because we all act as though our own pain is real then it is, so we all have that in common. Our own pain is real, be it mental or emotional or physical. It's a worthwhile base to rest our thinking on because there are consequences - it might be considered wrong to add to someones unique pain, and good to spend a moment easing it a little if you can.

I was reminded of something that happened many years ago when watching this and noting what D.Peterson says about this. A brief story follows.

My then lady and I were meeting in a bar to rent a house for a for months somewhere-or-other. The husband of the negotiator terned up as well and we chatted a bit. He talked a little about his childhood. He had been born into money - huge trust fund kind of money - and gone to a public (a private if you prefer) school. When a child he had a holiday from school but his parents were 'busy' and he had to stay at The Hilton hotel in London on his own. A child. On his own.

My then lady laughed and said "Oh no, the horror, you had to stay at The Hilton."

I winced. I said something different. I don' remember what. I don't think he noticed, but his wife did. she said something like, "You have some experience of this?" I don't remember what I said, but I meant was, "Yes. I have some experience of being a child neglected and left alone."

I don't think I would have swapped his experience for mine. I would still be a child, during the holidays, left alone while my parents went and dealt with much more important matters than me. Do you see? Everyone's pain is real to them. We have this in common. It's not a bad place to begin understanding each other.

Of course, there are worse neglects, and lesser. But they are all real to the individual. And that's a start.

In any case, there is also this. This video is an expression of free speech, and Dr. Peterson talks about that more than a little. It is worth noting that... I will say 'some people' wanted him not to say these things. After watching this I thought, This is what they wanted him not to say!?!

If you watch this, and listen carefully, you might also wonder why 'some people' wanted to stop him saying these things. There can be, sadly, no 'good' reason.

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