Friday, 19 May 2017

Do dreams mean anything?

I recently came across an idea that seems both right and useful, so I thought I'd share the idea. Here it is: a dream is your brain trying to share something it has figured out subconsciously, and it is trying to tell you what it has figured out As Clearly as it can.

In order to make this idea real, I'm going to have to share a dream I had when I was young, which I still remember – so it's obviously important – and that I now think I understand.

Here's the dream. I'm running away from a bull. I burst through a door and I'm in the living room of my childhood home, but it is also the centre of an enormous maze and the bull is still chasing me. That's it.

Scary dream, right? So, what does that dream mean? What is my brain trying to tell me, to tell me as clearly as it can? The centre of the home is a maze. The bull is dangerous, chasing you, and you are not safe from it here, in a place that should be the safest place there is as a child.

All the information is there, remember, because the dream is a message which is as clear as it can be.

The very fact that it is a safe space is both the maze you are lost in and the danger. Don't stay in the maze, don't stay in the safe space, there are real dangers in the world, so get out and learn how to be tough enough to deal with them.

If you have a recurring dream, or a dream you don't understand that still comes to mind, the idea that your brain had figured something out and was trying to tell you something as Clearly As it Possibly could... that idea might be useful to you. And that's why I'm sharing the idea.

Now, back to work.

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