Sunday, 4 September 2011

Available Amazon

The new cover art for The Key To The Grave came today, so I uploaded to amazon and TKTTG should be available there in short order.

I have, sorry to report, upped the price to $1.99 for now. When The Invisible Hand comes live on Amazon, sometime soonish(ish), then I will up the price of both to $2.99 for the simple reason that I must secure the 70% royalty to have any hope of making a living. I need to make a living so that I can up production of what should (Readers willing) be a fairly long series of books. If I'm to have any realistic hope of finishing the series as originally envisioned - and I really want to do that - then I'm going to have to write at least two a year.

The fourth in the series (I have a title but I'm keeping it to myself for now) is coming along nicely now - looks fun, a little more lighthearted than the last one in many ways. And where it isn't... well, I'm sure Sumto can take it.

I might, just might, get this one done before the end of the year.

That's it for news. Back to work now.

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