Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Unwritten Things

Of course, there are things that you don't write. Thoughts mid flow that end up on the mental cutting-room floor. Sometimes they make you smile, or laugh, and sometimes you wish that the work in progress could be tweaked to be the kind of book where they would fit. Sometimes not, though.

Early in book four, Sumto is sitting in a new and crudely built inn and listening to a song. After a bit he becomes aware that the song is about him:- 'honored one day, reviled the next (I think and write as a note just ahead of the paragraph that will stand), and then the next line of the song pops into my head:- 'A patrons' lot is not a happy one,' from whichever Gilbert and Sullivan show it was.

Well, it made me smile and shake my head and smile some more. Mostly at my own barking mad brain, which should be more disciplined by now.

So, anyway. There are things that you don't write. Thoughts that belong on the cutting-room floor. They also ruin your train of thought, unfortunately, and make you take a break. Sometimes a coffee will do it, sometimes a walk, sometimes it's needful to give up for the day as the proper frame of mind just won't re-establish itself until there has been sleep.

The coffee didn't cut it, so I'm off for a walk despite the rain. I hope it's a short walk, as the story is generally progressing and developing the way I hoped.

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